Pet health alert involving Asian Beetles

A health alert for all animals, especially if they've gotten out recently and may have been eating unusual things.

This picture of Asian beetles stuck in a dog's mouth has been circulating on facebook. It's graphic and almost doesn't look real, but we reached out to a local vet that says this definitely can happen.

Dr. Phillip Brown at Animal Care Center says the infestation of beetles we're seeing right now in the Ozarks can be painful for your pet and expensive for you to fix.

He says the beetles secrete a mucous when they feel attacked, making their legs sticky and if your pet tries to eat them, they can wind up embedded in their gums and roof of their mouth.

That mucous can cause chemical burns and it can take surgery to get them out.

"They cause ulcers, an ulceration in the roof of the mouth. It's very painful. The trick is in getting them out. The pet has to be under a general anesthetic. You remove all these and treat the lesions."

Some signs your dog may have tried eating the beetles are
excessive drooling and refusing to eat.

Vets say to check their mouth regularly when there are a lot of beetles around and try to keep them out of your house by sealing up cracks around windows and doors and vacuuming them up whenever you see them.