People inside the home during the deadly Clinton shooting have criminal pasts

HENRY COUNTY, Mo. We have new information on the people inside the house when that Clinton police officer was killed and two fellow officers wounded.

"She had been delivering controlled substances at that location," Henry County Prosecutor Richard Shields.

Tammy Widger is no stranger to law enforcement.

Wednesday, less than a day after the shooting that killed Officer Ryan Morton and injured two others she was arrested and charged after police found drugs inside the house. However, she just wasn't charged with possession of meth.

"The second count is keeping a public nuisance. That alleges that in the past, over a period of time, she has used that residence for that purpose," he said.

James Waters lived in that house with Widger. He has an extensive criminal history that includes drugs, robbery and armed criminal action. Most recently, he was wanted for questioning in a rape case.

"It is my understanding that my officers were already looking for him in an unrelated incident. The Clinton Police Department were attempting to reach him that day," explained Shields.

Investigators are still trying to determine if the shooting had anything to do with the pair's criminal lifestyle.

"So whether or not those two are directly related, it's too early to tell," said Shields.

Widger is being held in the Henry County Jail on $25,000 bond.