People continue to fight a zoning change in their Springfield neighborhood

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A Springfield neighborhood continues to take its fight against a major change to City Hall.

This is the second time people living on South Blackman Road have fought against a zoning change.

The first time, they successfully put off the land owner's decision to bring commercial development to their neighborhood. That was a few years ago.

They are now facing the same challenge with the same owners. Monday they were able to delay council's decision one more time.

"I thought this was probably the right time to come back before council and ask for this plat to be finished," said Ken Schwab of Wilhoit Properties.

Ken Schwab wants to bring commercial development a Springfield neighborhood.

"Until you get it rezoned, people that have an interest in this, and there have been through the years numerous people, a lot of them don't want to wait for the property to go through the process and then start planning something," he said.

The people living on South Blackman Road say no to commercial rezoning without firm plans.

"How can I depend on what he thinks will happen if there is no site plan, no written document that can give me some peace of mind and let me sleep at night," said Elaine Hamburg.

It's a fight that has been brought to city hall multiple times.

Some neighbors say the land owner is being deceitful in an attempt to get the zoning changed approved.

"He conveniently hid that building behind a house. A two story building hiding behind a one story house. I don't think that's necessarily a fair portrayal of what he has in mind to do," explained Jeff Gafner.

People in the neighborhood say they are willing to work with the land's owner and future developer but aren't willing to compromise without certainty.

"There is no urgency. Please turn down this request and let us have the opportunity to talk to the person who will actually build on this site," said Hamburg.

The people living near and on South Blackman Road have hired a lawyer and filed a protest petition against the rezoning ordinance.

The issue will be taken up at city council meeting again in March.