Part of former "Indian Ridge" site to be developed into "The Ridge at Table Rock Lake"

Changes are coming to what was once known as Indian Ridge in Branson West, a failed development that left unfinished homes to become an eyesore.

The more than 800-acre piece of land off Highway 76 is now called "The Ridge at Table Rock Lake" and it was once part of "Indian Ridge."

"There's a future that's going to happen here," Stone County Presiding Commissioner Dennis Wood said.

Area leaders hope the new development will help clean-up the area.

"I don't know how many times I've been asked 'Is anything going to take place there? We are so tired of seeing those vacant buildings,'" Branson West Mayor Donna Hardesty said.

Tuesday, county and city leaders symbolically broke ground on the site located to the west of the 20 acres that those unfinished houses still sit on.

"This is an opportunity for Stone County to step forward. Take the bad, make it good. Take the lemon and make it lemonade," Wood said.

Wood says while what's left of the Indian Ridge buildings, doesn't belong to the owner of "The Ridge" property, cleaning up the area surrounding the homes is a start.

"What's happening [with the homes], may take some time, but we are excited about the growth," Wood said.

A representative of the Colorado-based property owners says, first, they're making an entrance to the development. They've invested $1 million to add a traffic signal off Highway 76.

"So, we are going to make a very nice entry into it, actually add to the utilities as well, so that it spurs the development of the site," Mark Troen, with the Brookwood Group, said.

They're also asking developers to join them in creating a hub for tourists and locals to take in the views.

"Residential, hotels, commercial, and entertainment venues that really will take advantage of the incredible site here," Troen said.
The unfinished homes will remain as-is, for now.

"They're working on that. Some good things are going to happen, we are just not ready to announce those good things yet," Wood said.

Meantime, owners of "The Ridge at Table Rock Lake" are setting their sites on redirecting the future of this part of Stone County.

"We want to enlarge our opportunities so when they do it, they do it well and they do it successfully," Troen said.

Troen says the development will take years to complete, however the work on the intersection is scheduled to begin this week.

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