Parking enforcement on the rise in Waynesville

WAYNESVILLE, Mo. -- People are parking too long in the Waynesville Square.

"All day long. All year long," said Twila Cordry, owner of Cellar 66 Restaurant.

Cordry says it's hurting business.

"Right now we have people that come in and park at 8:00 or 8:30 in the morning. They'll leave their car there four to six hours, which is not good for us, for our clients to come in and have lunch," Cordry said.

She's not alone. Mayor Luge Hardman says it's a problem for all of the restaurants and shops in the square.

"Downtown businesses have the right to survive, and parking is the biggest problem they have," Hardman said.

To try and deter people from parking longer than they're allowed, the city of Waynesville decided they were going to enforce the parking laws already in the books. Those laws are already marked with signs.

On April 1st, the city started issuing warnings to drivers who have parked longer than the time allotted.

"We want to give everybody a good idea on what the ordinance is, and when we're going to strictly enforce it," said Officer Greg Snyder, Traffic Officer with the Waynesville Police Department.

So far, Snyder says he's only written a few parking warnings in the first half of the month.

But, starting May 1st, that warning becomes a $25 ticket.

Jefferson Thomas, who works at the courthouse, says he thinks many of his colleagues who work there will be okay with the increased enforcement.

"As an employee who works in the courthouse, I am fine with having to walk from a designated area to park," Thomas said.

The city says it will not issue tickets on Law Day, when the courthouse is packed.

The city also says of the roughly 15 spots used around the courthouse for employees and the sheriff's office, only five will stay when the new jail is opened.

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