Parents react to Springfield middle school "pellet gun" shooting

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Multiple Springfield middle school students have been disciplined after taking air soft pellet guns to school and firing them at and actually injuring some students

We are learning more information about what happened Tuesday at Pipkin Middle School. One parent says just because it wasn't a real gun doesn't make it any less scary.

"It's kind of a scary, scary, thought to think that children are bringing guns, even pellet guns, to a public school or a public place with children... it could have been a real gun, you never know," said Pipkin parent, Melissa Gutierrez.

Her daughter is in the same grade as the students believed to be involved.

"All the people who were involved were in a class and they were acting like they were pulling guns out of there bag and putting it to the other persons back," said Pipkin Middle School student Skylah Mowen.

Springfield school officials say it was a group of students were playing with the guns, and that nobody was actually a target.

"We want to assure you that this report is being aggressively investigated and appropriate disciplinary procedures will be followed based upon the findings of the investigation," school leaders said in statement to parents released to KY3.

The school questioned students about possessed the weapons. The school is taking this matter seriously.

In the statement, school officials noted, "we consider any weapon at school a serious concern and Pipkin administrators and school police will continue to thoroughly investigate the matter. Individuals who came forward to report what they saw are to be commended. By doing so, they are helping to keep Pipkin safe for everyone."

If your child attends Pipkin and witnessed anything related to this incident, the school asks you to encourage them to talk to their principal or contact school police.