POLICE: Skimmers put illegal card reader at another ATM in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) -- When you come up to the ATM and put in your card, you think you're just taking out money, but if there's a card reader or what's known as an ATM skimmer device on the machine, your information is going to the criminals who put it there.

That's happened at this Central Bank ATM on Glenstone near Sunshine twice in the past year.

Many didn't even know the skimmer was there over the weekend.

"It's just crazy how people think they can just take your money like that," said customer Roger Wilson.

"it's too easy for anybody to steal anything on you," said customer Ashley Joyce.

A skimmer was found at the same atm last year along with two others--one atm right in the bank's parking lot on Glenstone and Battlefield, another on Kearney. Bank officials said then the same thing they're saying now.

"We were able to disable those devices before any fraud took place," said Andrew Tassett of Central Bank.

He says any card holders that might have been at risk were notified and are getting new debit cards. The ATM itself also has its own security cameras to catch any one trying to put a fake card reader on the machine.
The problem is, police haven't caught anyone, and once the skimmer's there, you can't tell. The skimmer looks identical to the real card readers.

"I will probably make sure I go inside now when I do use it, that's definitely for sure," said customer Martha Smith. "Even though it's in there, I kinda watch to see who's around me."

And there's something else you can do, make sure the card reader doesn't look tampered with before you put your card in, and use your hand to cover your pin number when you're typing it in.

"That's what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna make sure when I stick my card in there everything's right," said Smith.

Police say often times the criminals behind the scam are difficult to track down. In fact they are still trying to find the criminals behind the skimmers that were found here.