Ozark County sheriff now suspects foul play in man's disappearance

GAINESVILLE, Mo. -- The Ozark County, Mo. Sheriff is asking for help in a man's disappearance.

Ozark County Sheriff's Office

The mother of Willis Rex Davidson, 52, reported him missing from Douglas County in October of 2018. Davidson lived in Ozark County.

Sheriff Darin Reed now suspects foul play. The sheriff says he has interviewed several in the last few weeks about the case.

"He hasn't used any of his EBT card purchases, he hasn't picked up any of his medical prescriptions and he left his apartment over here and left all his personal belongings there," said Sheriff Reed.

Sheriff Reed thinks someone knows something about what happened.
Davidson spent 20 years in prison for a death investigation. But some believe he had turned his life around.

"Ya know, I know if someone is doing drugs or something, if there is a drug thing going on because there is a lot of traffic that comes through and I watch out for that and it just wasn't there with Rex,: said Greg Lowder, Davidson's landlord. "He had his friends that would come over, and that was it."

And the sheriff says regardless of Davidson's criminal past, there could still be another killer on the loose. If you have any information about this case, Sheriff Reed asks you to call (417) 679-4633.

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