Ozark Schools possible solution for national champs

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OZARK, Mo. We first told you at four the Ozark Rifle Team is on hold after an instructor retired in the spring.

A school spokesperson said the school has been searching months for a replacement and has not found one yet.

Currently what will happen to the Ozark Rifle Team is up in the air and that has some students and parents concerned.

"It's kind of a bit of a mess right now," said Lauren’s Mom, Mindy Frealy.

She is talking about the future of the Ozark Rifle Team.

They are missing one instructor – which means the precision shooting and rifle team cannot compete.

"Our ROTC instructors have told us there is a man who they're looking at who is coming off of active duty whose agreed to come in to replace 1st Sergeant Thompson and he would be able to come in November," said sophomore, soon-to-be Cadet Sergeant, Lauren Frealy.

"There's not been any names recommended to the board," stated Ozark R-VI School District Executive Director of Technology & Communications, Curtis Chesick.

"Really? Maybe they can't until he's out of service, but you would think that paperwork has already been done," said Mindy Frealy.

These are the two options the Ozark Rifle Team currently has. They have a course in advanced marksmanship that would be in their fifth period or they could do an after or before school club.

"We all decided the club was the best option to mess with people the least," Frealy stated.

Without an instructor, there are some competitions the national champs said they will have to sit out.

"The army service championships is the one that we won last year, we won first place and then got our new rifle. It would be really sad not to go back to that one, but it wouldn't be the end of the world," said Junior and Command Sergeant Major, Elizabeth Vigneaux.

There are some they will still be able to participate in, so these students will begin competing in the winter.

KSPR News will continue to update you when the school has a firm solution.