Here's one Easter treat your pets shouldn't eat

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Easter is just around the corner which means sweet treats, Easter egg hunts, and colorful baskets. While we enjoy this holiday, sometimes our furry friends want to join in on the fun.

Dr. Philip Brown is a Veterinarian at the Animal Care Center. He says 95 percent of the calls poison control get are for chocolate intoxication. He says it doesn't take much for a dog, even less for a cat, to become sick from the sweet treat.

"You have the possibility of heart problems, rapid racing heart rates, arrhythmia's, seizures, so you have to treat them," says Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown says the wrapper or whatever is holding the chocolate can become an issue too.

"That can tend to be a foreign body caught inside the gastrointestinal track or inside the stomach," says Dr. Brown.

But while some may love the candy that comes inside the Easter basket, the chocolate covered raisins can also harm your pet. Dr. Brown says raisins are poisonous for a dog.

Dr. Brown says he isn't crazy about the idea of home remedies because he would rather his patients call him for advice. He suggest placing goodies way up high where both children and dogs can't reach them.

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