Once without, Roby Fire Department now has working trucks to fight fires

ROBY, Mo. -- In February, we told you about a small rural fire department in Texas County that no longer had a firetruck able to fight fires. Two months later, the department is back better than ever.

Two months ago, the Roby Fire Department couldn't fight a fire.

On the brink of closing, the department asked for help.

"There was an overwhelming response from fire departments from coast to coast," Chief Rick Bresette told KY3.

Gone are the days of using a 1969 firetruck to fight fires.

Thanks to departments in Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Roby now has four newer trucks, all made in the nineties and loads of newer gear, tools and fire hose.

"It shows that no matter what the department name is, that part that says firefighter is the key, Bresette exclaimed. I've vastly learned that no matter where you're from, we're still the same."

The newer trucks allow firefighters to fight fires in new ways.

"The water cannons help us with aerial and of course can unload large amounts of water. The Ford has foam tanks so we can spray foam," Bresette added.

The trucks have been called out to a barn fire, vehicle accidents and grass fires.

Thousand gallon tanks are an upgrade as well.

"We don't have to be as water restricted. We can put a little more water on the fire," Bresette said.

The Delaware department donated tons of fire hose, helmets, hand tools and more.

"It makes it a little bit safer for our guys to put on gear that's actually in FPA compliance," Bresette explained.

Safe gear, the firefighters say they needed.

"At a fire not that long ago and my foot actually caught fire and I got a blister because my boots were out of date. Now we have up to date boots. It's all about safety," Amanda Blagdon said.

Folks living in the area are happy to see the department back and running better than before.

"Well it was an incredible feeling because we got such a quick response over it. There were so many people willing to step in and help. I know it put a lot of fears to rest," Sherrylynn Lynch told KY3.

Now, Roby is in a position to pay it forward.

"Whatever that we have really excess of, we would like to find a department that is in need like we were and donate what we don't use to them," Bresette said.

The fire departments that helped Roby are:

Ellendale FD in Ellendale, Minnesota
Phelps FD in Phelps, New York
Big Knob FD in Rochester, Pennsylvania
Odessa Fire Company in Odessa, Delaware

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