On Your Side: What to buy in November

New month, new deals.

Here's what to buy in November.

1. Halloween costumes

There's no better time than the present to buy next year's Halloween costume. Prices are so low, it's scary. Expect to save more than 50 percent off. Plus, kids can play dress up all year long. Selection won't last. Get to it.

2. Wedding dress

Say yes to the dress because it's cheap! November is a slow month for bridal retailers. Now is the time to haggle. Ask for an accessory or markdown. Better yet, ask for a bridal party discount. So the more you buy, the more you save. Retailers might give you a few perks because it's not wedding season.

3. Thanksgiving preps

Your wallet will appreciate Thanksgiving. Stock up on flour, sugar and all the fixings. Baking supplies are on sale now until the first week of January. Don't forget baking staples like mixing bowls and cookie sheets.

4. Vacuum

Aside from spring cleaning season, November might be the best time to add a new vacuum cleaner to your closet. Expect these sweeping sales to last until Black Friday. Keep your receipt. The top models often come with a warranty.

Important Days: November 5 and 11

Book your holiday flights by November 5. Experts say airline ticket prices only go up from here.

November 11 is Veterans Day. Veterans can eat for free at several restaurants.

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