On Your Side: What tax docs do I keep and for how long?

That tax deadline is approaching, but hopefully you've already finished your returns. So, now what do you do with all that paperwork?

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Get organized. Store those documents in a safe place. Dodge the basement or attic. "If you are saving receipts for a business, they tend to fade," said Alice Seaton.

Seaton, a tax professional, says now is a great time to divide and conquer those sensitive documents.

"This year, especially if you itemized in the past, most people couldn't itemize, but they brought the documents anyway. If we didn't use them, shred them. If they were used on the tax return, keep them," said Seaton.

Any tax papers showing what you earned in 2018, keep handy.

"Keep your W2s, important documents that show income or your contributions to your IRAs up to the seven year mark," said Seaton.

Keep tax documents for seven years. Then it's time to shred.

"Never just throw it in the trash thinking, trash service is going to take it away. That's the most dangerous thing you can do," said Seaton.

You can shred those old, unwanted documents this Saturday at the Better Business Bureau's free Shred Day at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds from 8am-11:30am.

Bring up to three boxes. Bring your used electronics to recycle too. Just no TVs.

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