On Your Side: Two COVID-19 scams you should know

The worst of times can bring out the worst in people. Viewers continue to send in their COVID-19 scam tips.

One is a text that reads, 'Your $1,000 assistance check is ready.' The government won't contact you like this. Don't click on the link.

Tom Albus, First Assistant Attorney General says never assume.

"You have to be skeptical in 2020. There are so many people out there trying to prey on people's good faith and trust. They'll say anything up to and including, you have this terrible illness that has everyone ripped in fear," he said.

Here's another one. A viewer says they got a voicemail from 'nurse Jen' saying 'You tested positive for the Coronavirus. Call back with your credit card handy and we'll give you antibiotics.'

On Your Side asked a doctor about this voicemail.

"Antibiotics won't work for this virus so we are not going to recommend that. We won't ask for payment either," said Dr. Mark Griesemer with Mercy.

If a real healthcare worker calls, they'll identify themselves and which hospital or provider. If you miss a call, don't call back the number on your caller ID. Look up the number and call.

Report scams to the Attorney General

Click HERE

and Better Business Bureau

Click HERE .

MISSOURI CORONAVIRUS HOTLINE: The state Department of Health and Senior Services said residents and medical providers needing advice on the virus can call 877-435-8411 at any time on any day.

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