On Your Side: Five ways to save with Back-to-School shopping

It's estimated you'll spend about $600 on each kiddo for back-to-school shopping.

1. Before you shop, do a clean sweep.

Go through your kid's closet and find out what still fits. That way you're only buying what they really need. Once you get that school supplies list, do the same thing. Roundup all your pens, pencils, markers, crayons and notebooks in the house. Then buy what you don't already have.

2. Shop secondhand.

Considered gently worn shoes and backpacks. It's still garage sale season. There are deals to be had at yard sales and thrift stores.

3. Buy refurbished electronics.

Buy used electronics at local stores or online companies like Amazon Warehouse or Decluttr.

4. Kids can help.

Make this a money lesson. Give your child a budget for a few items. Task them to find the best deal and they can pocket what's left as a reward.

5. Follow your favorite stores on social media for deals.

Make a list, follow on Facebook, Twitter and get the store app.
Amazon Prime Day is July 15, but you can see some of the deals now. The sales tax holiday is the first weekend in August.

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