On Your Side: 5 ways to save this Halloween

It's a nine billion dollar industry that could scare your wallet. If you celebrate Halloween, it's estimated you'll spend about $100. If you have more than one kid or even a dog in a costume, you'll spend a lot more. You don't have to break the bank when it comes to Halloween expenses.

1. Buy candy now and in bulk

Look for the buy two bags get one free bag deals. You can buy candy online too.

2. Buy fake pumpkins

Real pumpkins are a staple, but consider buying a few fake ones. Artificial pumpkins will last for years.

3. Get creative with candy bags

Pillow cases, baskets and even sand buckets work perfectly for carrying treats.

4. Cut corners on costumes

If you have more than one kid, reuse costumes or trade with friends. Don't forget you can make your own costumes too.

5. Shop on Halloween and/or November 1

Buy Halloween decor on or after Halloween. You'll have to store it all year long, but you'll get a great deal. Likely fifty-eighty percent off.

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