No more nightmare on Elm Street in Valley Springs, Ark.

VALLEY SPRINGS, Ark. - It was a nightmare on Elm Street.

"That would be a good way of describing it," said Gale Ruhwedel, who works at the Valley Springs Water Department.

There used to be a low-water crossing in Valley Springs.

"It was concrete, had small culverts in it. And when it rained, it would wash down the creek from up above it, and stop up the culverts, and the water would run over the top and it was impassable," Ruhwedel said.

Not only does Elm Street lead up to houses and businesses, it also leads up to the Valley Springs city hall, water department and their park.

Which means the street gets a lot of traffic for the area.

And not every car could get through.

"Some people live up the next street here have a motor home, and they couldn't go over across that because of the pitch of it," Ruhwedel said.

And it could be dangerous for the cars that can cross during the rain.

"I'm afraid someone would wash off down the creek, which is a problem because people don't realize what it can do to a vehicle and wash it off a creek," Ruhwedel said.

But a few months ago the Arkansas Department of Transportation needed to work on this area of Highway 65.

"Whenever we widen the road, that moved the road out to that low-water crossing, and it would've been very difficult to tie that in," said Steve Lawrence, the District 9 engineer for ARDOT.

They changed the crossing to a box-culvert, widened that part of the road, and raised the grade of it by three-and-a-half feet.

"All vehicles should be able to use that crossing any time," Lawrence said.

The best part of all:

"It'll be able to carry a good amount of water.," Lawrence said.

"Everybody's tickled to death about it. They can get across it when it's raining," Ruhwedel said.

The road is now open, but the highway department still intends to add sidewalks and pave it.

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