Newton County sheriff releases video of missing Kansas woman

PONCA, Ark. -- A 51-year-old Kansas woman was last seen Friday, November 22, at the Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca in Newton County,

Sherry Babcock/Newton County, Ark. Sheriff's Office

The sheriff just released a video that shows her in the store in a black long-sleeve shirt and black pants.

Her car was found in Ponca a couple of days later, along with her purse, money and credit cards.

"It's very unusual circumstance," said Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler. "She's been missing since the 16th of November. We've done everything from ground searches with blood hounds, starting where the car was, using scent articles taken from the car. We've also used telephone pings, pinging her phone."

So far, the sheriff isn't ruling out foul play.​

If you've seen Babcock, call the Newton County Sheriff's Office at (870) 446-5124 or the Butler County, Kansas, Sheriff's Office at (316) 322-4254.

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