New program aims to prevent data hacks like one with Equifax

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. The Equifax data breach put the personal information of 143 million Americans at risk, putting the company on the defensive, and reminding many other executives to take action.

"That's not the best time to learn. We want to learn when we're not in the middle of an incident, when emotions are low, there's no stress," said Dr. Shannon McMurtrey, of Drury University.

McMurtrey runs a new program at the university's business school that provides business leaders with the tools needed to focus on cyber security. It is an effort to help them avoid data breaches like the one with Equifax.

"I would like to see one of our graduates taking the lead of companies and hopefully avoiding these situations all together, or if they find themselves in the midst of one, handling them with a lot of professionalism, a lot of class, and in a way that helps their customers know the company is doing everything they can to keep them safe," McMurtrey said.

McMurtrey said as people become more educated, cyber security will increase locally and around the country.

Here is a link to more information on the Cybersecurity Leadership Certificate in the Breech School of Business at Drury:

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