New business coming to the Roweton's Home Center space on the Bolivar square

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BOLIVAR, Mo Roweton's Home Center had been in Bolivar for almost 70 years, and was located at the corner of the Bolivar square since 1969.
But they closed their doors just a few months ago.
Now a new business plans to take over that space.

"I had to think pretty hard on it, but I think it might be the best thing for me." said Rose Roweton, the owner of Roweton's Home Center.

Rose Roweton ran the store for decades, and is now sitting on the sidelines as the space is about to be remodeled.

"It is a little strange alright. But I am glad somebody is taking it over and is going to make good use of it, since I can't." said Roweton.

The old Roweton's store will soon be a dental office for Ozarks Community Health Center.

"We are definitely growing, we have about 2,100 square feet and we are completely maxed out. So we are looking for an opportunity to grow our business and better serve our patients by getting them in quicker, and more chairs will allow us to do that." said Scott Crouch, CEO of Ozarks Community Health Center

But filling the space of a Bolivar icon isn't going to be easy.

"I can't think of anybody who has lived in Bolivar and not walked in these doors. Rose has been a very big part of the community I would see her on Saturday, Sunday nights still here just working, because she loved the job. That is going to be hard to replace." said Crouch.

Crouch wants to make sure to carry on the legacy of that corner of the square.

"Make sure that we are not here for overnight success, we are going to be here long term." said Crouch.

Rose says that she is happy that the space she has held for decades is getting a new lease on life.

"This wouldn't be a good thing to be on this corner and be empty, because it is about the best corner in town." said Roweton.

The renovation begins on April 23rd and the new dental office should be open at the beginning of 2019.

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