Naked man steals a car from a business in north Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A naked man walking around, in broad daylight, in north Springfield took off with someone's car.

"I didn't want it back because there was a naked man in there," said car owner, Curtis Jones.

Tuesday was just a normal day for him until he was heading home from a long day at work.

"To get off work and see that someone, probably on drugs, just living a crappy life, just came and stole my vehicle," he said.

He's parked his car in the same lot for the past ten years. It's usually locked except for this one time.

"We started going to the area businesses to see if they had video surveillance," he explained.

That's when Jones met Michael Maguire. He works at a nearby company and says he saw the man who stole Jones' car. He caught the man walking down the street on cell phone video.

"We assumed that car wasn't his because we were not sure where he'd hide the keys," said Maguire.

Maguire said the man appeared out of nowhere.

"We were unloading a truck just right here. One of the guys just happens to look over and was like, I think that guy is naked," he said.

The man rummaged through a dumpster to find something to cover up with.

"Huggie box or diaper box," Maguire said, describing what the man used.

Maguire and another coworker watched the man for a few minutes. Then jumped into a work truck to follow him.

"We pulled up and watched him for a second. It looked like he was kind of digging through the car. We turned around. We were going to pull back in there. By the time we turned around he was pulling out and was already down the road," he said.

Maguire said they did their best to keep pace with the man.

"We called the cops and tried to keep a tail on him but it just didn't happen," he said.

Maguire explained that the businesses in the area often have problems with the homeless community.

"I've seen a lot of weird stuff with the abandoned building over there and some odd traffic coming up and down the tracks but I've never seen a naked guy. Not yet," he said.

Jones is just hoping someone will recognize the man so he can get his only mode of transportation back.

"We're just out. Eight thousand dollars gone. Even if he steals everything in it, I wish we could get it back and it be running," he said.

A police report has been filed in this case.

However, if you happen to know the man in the video and can help get this car back to its owner, you're asked to call Springfield Police.