Kickapoo High School moves forward after LGBTQ posters torn down and Confederate flag flown

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- As Kickapoo students with the Gay, Straight, Trans Alliance (GSTA) prepared to celebrate the Day of Silence, they were met at school Friday morning by a student with a Confederate flag. Dr. Bill Powers, the principal, says the student removed it when asked.

This is not the first act against GSTA students.

"It actually started last week, there was a sign ripped down off of one of our spirit week posters," Louanne Hood, senior and GSTA President, said.

The Instagram page, KHS Straight Pride, posted a video of the poster being torn down. It has since been deleted.

"Then on Wednesday while a lot of GSTA, was away in Jefferson City lobbying for rights, the second poster was torn down," Hood said.

Senior Desiree Nixon worries her fellow students do not understand the impact of their words.

"In the future years we are going to grow up and go to college and to do things in our country," Nixon said. "If we have hate in high school then we are not going to be able to be successful humans in the future."

Powers says hate has no place inside the school.

"We want all of our students to feel welcomed, included and safe," Power said. "That is the message we have been trying to portray."

"We are definitely not going to let a small group or one person with negativity dictate the climate of this school," Art teacher Jess Loudis said. "We've worked way too hard and there's way too many great people here, students and faculty."

Support has been shown by students at other schools, adults in our community and beyond. GLSTEN Springfield stood outside on the Day of Silence Friday.

"It is a meaningful day for LGBTQ youth because it is a day where they are recognized," Carrie Colpitts, with GLSTEN, said.

Powers says an investigation is open and ongoing. They will continue to monitor social media posts.

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