Mountain Home medical marijuana business owners outline progress

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. -- The owners of a medical marijuana business are on their way to building a medical marijuana dispensary called Plant Family Therapeutics.

It will be located off Highway 62 E in Baxter County, outside of Mountain Home.

"Making some final revisions to the blueprint and construction documents to improve work flow. Then we'll get our soil test, dirt work will begin, break ground. Then prior to actually opening, the ABC will have to come through and do a final walk through," Clint Mickle, one of the owners, said.

The business is only one of 32 that will open up in Arkansas.

Mickle says a lot of thought went into choosing the Mountain Home area.

"We like that there's a large senior population," he said. "There's a large veteran population. And when we came into the community, we're real impressed by the support we had."

The team plans to have about 10 job openings. They plan to have plenty of security at the dispensary, and said the business will be run in a professional manner.

"We want the staff to come in to be dressed in a manner that would represent," said Jeff McCannally, an owner of the business. "Think more of a doctor's office, a medical facility. Have a nurse there, trained individuals."

They are making efforts to make sure the community understands more about the business.

"We've started trying to introduce ourselves to the community abroad through our Facebook page, through our website. But we also started doing community meetings with civic groups throughout the area," Mickle said.

And that includes law enforcement.

"There's a variety of things that cannabis can do to help people. And we're just excited to educate as many people as we can on both the positive benefits from a medical standpoint, but then also the side effects from misuse because it is a two-way street. It's a medicine just like aspirin is a medicine," Mickle explained.

He believes medical marijuana will help fight the opioid epidemic.

"I think cannabis is a superior alternative, in some cases, to synthetic pharmaceuticals because an overdose on cannabis is not fatal."

He also said the dispensary will be growing its own plants as well.

"We are also licensed as a cultivating dispensary, so we will have a small-scale cultivation facility or grow within our facility," he said. "Fifty mature plants. So we will be able to provide some of our own internal demand. But we will also purchase from the cultivators throughout the state."

Mickle said the team hopes to open the dispensary in the late summer or early fall.

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