Mother convicted in her son's death by a Stone County judge

STONE COUNTY, Mo. A Stone County woman is guilty of manslaughter and child neglect in the death of her young son.

Bambi Jackson was convicted on the two counts Wednesday afternoon. She was also charged with child abuse but found not guilty.

"Loving a child as a parent comes with it the responsibility to care for the child," said Stone County Judge Alan Blankenship.

Prosecuting attorney Matt Selby said, "It's one thing to be a loving parent but with that there comes responsibility. Our argument is that responsibility includes making sure a child eats and drinks, grows. If those things don't happen to seek medical attention to figure out why that is not happening and try to remedy that situation."

The child, Justus Jackson, only weighed 10 pounds when he died. His official cause of death was low blood pressure and dehydration.

His father, Joshua was also charged for his death. But he took entered an Alford Plea and avoided jail time.

"Our evidence was stronger against Bambi because she was the one that was feeding and was around the children more than Joshua was," said Selby.

Jackson's defense attorney, Joe Passanise said, "She did not believe she did anything wrong."

Jackson said that her five other children were also small in size.

"It was never her intent to knowingly create a substantial risk to her child. For that, she wanted her day in court," said Passanise.

The state, has since, removed them from the home.

Passaniese said, "Juvenile authorities intervened and the kids are not in their care and control. They are under the grandparents care and control. This was a tragic case. If they could go back and redo it they would have made some other choices."

"There's a dead child. That child won't grow up. That child won't play. He won't ride a bike. He won't play with his siblings. He'll never get to do any of the things that we all want to see our children do. Even though the intent was, I don't believe, to kill this child or to cause injury, the result of whatever their reason were in not seeking medical attention, the child's now dead. There should be consequences for that," explained Selby.

Bambi Jackson faces a sentence of up to 11 years.

The judge will decide her punishment in September.