Motel begins breaking stigma on extended stays in the Ozarks

BRANSON, Mo. -- There is often a stigma following extended stays and motels. Owners of one motel in Branson is looking to change that. It's the message Queen Anne Motel manager Jennifer Clark really wants to get across.

"We can help you, we can find you help, and the people here can help you find resources and help for you as well," said Clark.

She says she's been in the industry for some time now, and she wants to start seeing that change. That's why she says no one gets turned away at their extended stay.

"I have tenants here that could never pay rent anywhere, and I help them budget, and I help them find resources," explained Clark.

Event outreach coordinators Mr. and Mrs. Hayes says, the concept of the outreach all started with their past addiction.

"We spent so much time taring down, we just wanted to come in the community and give something back to them, to build them back up again," explained Mrs. Hayes.

Due to that experience, they were wanting to pay it forward. The 'Outreach' offers a free raffles, food, clothes, shoes, hair cuts, and support.

"A message of hope, and that they don't have to stay in the judgement of life that they are in," said Mrs.Hayes.

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