More sex crime charges for former Webster Co. Chief Deputy

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. New charges against a former Webster County Chief Deputy.

Brent Grey arrived at the Greene County courthouse Tuesday morning to face sex crime charges. However, he did not make it into the courtroom. He was arrested by the highway patrol on new charges of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor.

In this new case prosecutors say they found more than 1000 images of child pornography on his cell phone and tablet.

Grey is already scheduled to stand trial on charges filed earlier this year that accused him of performing deviant sex acts on a child. That trial is on hold until the decision is made whether or not to combine the two cases.

"They both have counts within the charges that, worse case for him, could be up to life in prison. To say that one is more serious
than the other, they both have the same maximum sentence. They're both serious charges," said Special Prosecutor, Matt Selby.

Grey is expected to be arraigned on these new charges by the end of the week.

He is in the Texas County jail on $250,000 dollars bond.