More controversy for Greene County leaders

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. More accusations, more investigations and more controversy surrounding Greene County leaders.

Sheriff Jim Arnott continues to clash with commissioner Lincoln Hough.

"We've not agreed but neither has me and any other commissioner," said Arnott.

He said he pulled over Hough because of a violation he observed.

"There is a problem. You're speeding. You swerved into the other lane," said Arnott.

He let Hough off with a warning.

"If you look back on it, I probably should have issued him a ticket and dealt with it in court and suffered the fallout at that time instead of now," he said.

Hough didn't think it was a big deal.

"It wasn't adversarial or confrontational or anything like that. I was almost half laughing that it was the county sheriff that pulled me over, “he said.

However, an inquiry into his personal finances was. When two people claimed Hough didn't pay property taxes on his cattle, Arnott asked the highway patrol to investigate. It found he didn't break any laws.

"There was not an official complaint filed. It was two separate people bringing me information along the same lines," said Arnott.

Hough said, "For someone who is so tenaciously wanting to know who the whistle blowers are in this audit, I find it a little ironic that there's no documentation who called or contacted his office and made these allegations about me."

He says the sheriff could have cleared the whole matter up just by calling him.

"I think I'm just looking at a track record of behavior and an individual that probably feels like he's doing the right thing, to try to do his job but I feel a little bit like its intimidation because we've had our differences," said Hough.

"I had no idea that the commissioner thought I was a bully," said Arnott.

The may not always agree on county matters but share the same level of commitment.

"I speak my mind. I'm passionate about my job and the people we have to protect. It'd be very difficult for me to be different than what I am," said Arnott.

Hough said, "I will not be bullied and I will not be intimidated and I will do what I think's right."

The sheriff and commissioner say they will maintain their professionalism and will continue to work together on county matters.