Monett School District sees savings after switching to LED light bulbs

Missouri Division of Energy awards 2019 low-interest loans.

MONETT, Mo. The Missouri Division of Energy has awarded Nell Holcomb and Normandy School Collaborative school districts with a low-interest loan for energy efficient changes within their school.

Just last year, Monett RI School District received the same low-interest loan, and are already reaping the benefits.

In October, the school received around $575,000 to replace all the light bulbs inside and outside the school the LED lighting.

While they are still paying off the to-year-loan, the change is saving them about 15% each month.

When money can be saved in one area-- Superintendent Russ Moreland told KY3, they can put more money back into the children.

“Anytime we can be more efficient it makes it easier to re-allocate that money to things, supplies, materials, [and] personnel that support kids and learning."

But the bills aren’t the only place they are seeing benefits. Moreland explains that the 10-year-lifespan of the bulbs means less work trying to install them.

In previous years he says everyday janitorial staff spent time changing light bulbs throughout the school systems but now they can focus energy elsewhere.

Moreland hopes the changes are noticeable, and he that the kids are watching the changes they are making and the impact it can not only have on the cost but the environment.

“I think it’s also good for our kids to see this and hear this. I think this is one of those things that hopefully [have] an impact on our community when they notice we are trying to be more efficient. It sends a good message to our kids that we are trying to be stewards to our own environment.

“The loan project stimulates Missouri’s economy by saving taxpayer money, allowing the applicants to redirect savings toward other priorities, and helps create jobs for the state of Missouri,” Director of the Division of Energy, Craig Redmon said in a press release.

These loans can go towards insulation, lighting systems, heating and cooling systems, combined heat and power, pumps, motors, aerators, renewable energy systems, and other measures that reduce energy use and cost.

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