Mold allergies high due to wet weather

Mold allergies are high recently because of the wet weather and the same trend continues with more rain on the way.

Of all the allergens..mold is very high right now and that means a lot of suffering people.

Doctor Mihn-Thu Le is an allergist at CoxHealth and says she's seen a spike in mold allergy patients within the past week due to all of the rain.

"If you are genetically susceptible to being sensitized to them or are allergic to'll have typical symptoms...nasal congestion..runny nasal drip..itchy nose itchy eyes", Le says.

Le also mentions that many over the counter and prescription medicines might do the job..but it's good to do a sinus rinse.

"You can do that with a neti pot..or even a squeeze bottle that's specially made to squirt up your nose", Le adds.

Allergy symptoms can also be found on the skin in the form of hives and rashes...anything that causes a histamine response.

Rich Callahan..owner of an HVAC company says replacing your air filter is important.

"Replace your filter and replace it with an upper end filter..a one inch media..pleated filter would be the minimum that I would do", Callahan says.

He also mentions that it's a good idea to close up your and doors to prevent pollen from coming in.

Callahan also says attic fans are giant vacuums that suck all the air from the outdoors to the indoors and then once you close the doors in your home it has nowhere to go but recycle in your house.

With more rain in the forecast the next several days the mold levels will remain very high and so will the suffering for many.