MoDOT urges caution on roads overnight

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- MoDOT engineers say they expect roads to hold up well during tonight’s snow storm, but still caution drivers to take it slow.

“The road temperatures should get fairly warm, so we shouldn't have a lot of accumulation on the roadway or roadway problems,” MoDOT Engineer Bob Becker said. “But, of course, bridges and overpasses get cold first. They will start sticking and we'll get some slush on the bridges and overpasses overnight.”

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Becker says roads weren’t pre-treated because the preceding rain storm would have washed those chemicals off the road before the snow arrived.

Crews are on standby Friday night and into Saturday to treat any roads that need it.

“No matter what we do there are going to be pieces of the road that get slick, so we need people to slow down and be careful,” he said.

The snow comes at a wonderful-but-inconvenient time of year. AAA expects this to be one of the busiest holiday weekends for travelers in recent memory.

Drivers are adjusting to the weather. John Sevag says he plans to hit the mall on Saturday for some last second Christmas shopping.

“Just going to leave my house a little earlier,” he said.

“I've been driving in this since I was 16 years old,” Darren Moore said. “I've lived here all my life. I'm kind of used to it. It could be warm one day with snow the next. That's kind of the way I like it.”

MoDOT says drivers should be careful, even if the forecast doesn’t call for much accumulation.

“People driving and getting tired and wanting to head home for Christmas we just advise people to be really careful out there,” Becker said. “If people hold off and don't go out first thing in the morning and let the sun come out, the sun will really help out and melt anything that's on the roadway and make it a lot safer for everybody so that should help that a bunch.”

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