MoDOT to work on section of Howell County, Mo. highway prone to flooding

HOWELL COUNTY, Mo. -- In Southern Howell County, a section of highway that is prone to flooding, is closed down again Saturday. But as Michael Deere reports, the state is doing something about it.

"I'm glad MoDOT's finally getting the hint to finally get this thing fixed," Edward Bettigrew told KY3.

For nearly two decades, Edward Bettigrew has lived off of highway 142 near Moody, where Bennetts River runs underneath it.

It doesn't take long for water to overtake the highway during severe weather.

"It can be raining up in the West Plains area, you can figure in an hour or two, all that water is coming right down here," Bettigrew explained.

Friday night, a small section was closed.

Normally, it would open once water receded, but this time, it will remain closed for two weeks while MoDOT replaces smaller culverts with much larger culverts.

"People don't obey the signs, Bettigrew exclaimed. They need to learn, when it rains, don't come down this way. I'm glad they're going to put bigger culverts down here now."

Instead of a short 30 second drive to visit family and go to church, he's now looking at a 30 minute drive.

An inconvenience, he's been waiting years for.

"It's gonna be worth the time because man, it's gonna be nice."

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