Missouri State re-opens parking lot, adds 200 spaces

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Missouri State re-opened a parking lot on Walnut St that adds 200 parking spots for students Monday.

The lot, known as Lot 39, is along the blue bus route.

“We hope it'll take some pressure off,” MSU director of security and transportation Tom Johnson said. “It's a little further out but people can get on the shuttle bus and get to campus in a relatively short time. We're hoping people will think about that and use that option.”

But, on its first day of availability, the lot remained mostly empty. It is one of Missouri State’s more remote lots, and students say that they prefer spaces were added on campus.

“[Finding parking] is really hard,” Melanie Thompson, a junior, says. “I'm trying to find parking and all the people have taken my spots, and it's hard trying to find spots.”

Even students who live on campus say that the problem doesn’t get better later at night. “It's rough,” MSU junior Megan Berry said. “Sometimes if you come home past 8 or 9 you'll end up having to park here at Bearpark north, and that's not a fun walk by yourself at night.”

There are no plans to add spots to campus as of yet.

“I have students that say they take 30 minutes to find parking now, but if they go up there and park and hop on a shuttle they could be there in 15, so it's just a matter of time management,” Thomas said.

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