Missouri Job Center holds roundtable event to get feedback from manufacturing leaders

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SPRINGFIELD, MO. -- More than 35 Springfield business leaders in Manufacturing are getting together this morning to talk about the challenges they're facing.

The dozens of employers in manufacturing will be at the Missouri Job Center for a roundtable discussion to talk about the lack of a skilled workforce and retaining qualified workers.

The job center will have an open forum will to ask questions and get feedback from employers in the region to figure out a way to fill the demand for workers.

"It's an overall shortage of workers and they may hire workers and then they don't stick around and they find another opportunity and just don't stay in the jobs and so we're not only trying to find qualified workers but workers that will be there in the long term," Katherine Trombetta, with the Missouri Job Center, said.

The Missouri Job Center hopes by having this discussion this morning it will help them develop programs helpful to manufacturers looking to hire.

The manufacturing roundtable will start at 7:30 at the Missouri Job Center, 2900 E. Sunshine, Springfield.

The job center is partnering with OTC, SPS the Springfield Chamber to promote manufacturing jobs.

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