Medical marijuana a step closer to appearing on Missouri's November ballot

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. You wouldn't think a three-year-old needs marijuana, but little Ayden's mother, Ashley Markum, says he does.

"We're not looking to get Ayden high or anything like that, that stigma that is attached to marijuana," says Markum.

She says she's just trying to help him. He has severe epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.

"We tried medicine after medicine, and after we failed many of them," said Markum.

She says he's been on eight different pills that did more harm than good.

"The reason we have the feeding tube in his stomach is because one of the medications affected his muscles so much that he had difficulty eating," said Markum.

And he still cannot walk, talk or hold up his own head. But she says everything changes when she puts a type of medical marijuana oil through that feeding tube.

"We go from all day seizures to just a handful, we get smiles we get laughs, we get him trying to hold his head up," said Markum.

The problem is she has to go all the way to Colorado where it's legal to get it. It's the reason she and a group called New Approach Missouri are pushing to get medical marijuana legalized here.

"Everything from Alzheimer's patients to to children with epilepsy to cancer patients who are struggling through chemotherapy, all of these conditions can be treated safely and effectively with medical cannabis," said Lee Winters of New Approach Missouri.

They have collected 275,000 signatures for legalizing medical marijuana. 14,000 of those have just been verified in Greene County alone. But the group needs more. More than 150,000 need to be verified to get it on the ballot.

"The feed back that we've gotten so far is we should well exceed that number," said Winters.

And Ashley Markum hopes for her son's sake.

"If we could have it here in Missouri, if we could get it passed, jut the quality of life for ayden would go through the roof," said Markum.

Even if medical marijuana does get enough signatures to get on the ballot, there's still another step. Voters have to approve it in November.