Medical marijuana is officially legal in Missouri; so what's next

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The most widely used illegal drug, is now legal.

Missourians voted in November. But the vote became law Thursday. A group backing supporters and growers says applications will be available to register patients next year.

"Missouri doctors and patients are now legally protected to start discussing, medical marijuana as a treatment option," said MoCan Spokesman Jack Cardetti.

However the federal government isn't easing the restrictions on airlines, railroads, or trucking companies. The U.S. Department of Transportation made it clear back in 2009 that all drug test will still be required.

"A driver who smokes a joint or does medical marijuana or does some kind of medical marijuana edible is going to have that in their system for up to 6 weeks," explained Steelman Transportation, CEO, Jim Towery. "it's unacceptable for any truck drive to have any marijuana in their system."

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