Marina on Table Rock receives grant for efforts to keep the lake clean

Branson, MO. -- A marina on Table Rock Lake has received more than $60,000 from the Missouri Department of Conservation to help with ongoing efforts to keep the lake clean.

Some people call the clean water one of Table Rock's best qualities.

"You can see your feet, no matter where you are in the lake," Gary Wiers said.

"Compared to other lakes I've been to, absolutely," Kim Chism said.

That's partly because of boats like the new "pump out" boat at State Park Marina. Crews use the boat to get sewage from boats on the water to a safe disposal system on land.

"It's illegal to dump sewage in the lake and nobody wants it anyway," Marina Manager Mitch Schupp said.

Schupp says they also check boats that are docked at the marina to make sure they have the correct valves to pump properly.

"That way, any boat we see at our facility, they can't pump out over the side into the water," Schupp said.

It's because of these efforts that the Missouri Department of Conservation awarded the marina the funding.

"We want to make sure our water ways are clean. We want to make sure families coming in have clean, clear water," Schupp said.

Conservation officials say increasing access to pumping facilities on land and water not only helps people, but also wildlife.

The marina also has another pump out boat at The Harbor and the crews also work to keep the lake clean in other ways.

"By all means, if they get full on trash, bring it in to State Park Marina, we will take care of it," Schupp said.

State Park even remodeled its parking lot with natural barriers to stop stuff from washing into the lake.

"There could be trash on the parking lot that gets missed or oil from the cars. When it rains, that runs off somewhere," Schupp said.

While many of these efforts often go unseen, people on the water say they can certainly see the results.

"We have some of the best water in the Midwest. We are going to keep it that way," Schupp said.

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