Man says he feared for his life when he shot intruder in west Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) - A man shot while trying to break in to a home in northwest Springfield died at a hospital. The resident of the home who shot him talked about it on Wednesday morning.

The shooter tells KSPR's Sheena Elzie this whole thing happened because of a jealous ex-boyfriend. He says his friend's ex came here where kicking and banging on the windows until he got through this one and that's when shots were fired.

"There's the bullet hole, I was way over there when I shot him," said Mark Glidewell.

He is not ashamed that he shot and killed a man with his deer rifle.

"If it happened again I'd shoot him again," said Glidewell.

The man he shot, Charlie Ingram, a man with a long criminal history, who Glidewell says came here yelling, breaking windows, and broke in, in a rage over his ex, all while his ex and Glidewell were inside.

"I believe firmly had he come on in and I hadn't have had a gun, he would've come on in he would've hurt or killed all of us," said Glidewell.

Glidewell says ingram's threatened him before, so he put up this "no trespassing or I'll shoot' sign.

"He'd been warned to stay away," said Glidewell.

Police questioned glidewell but did not arrest him for the shooting, saying they're looking into whether it really was self defense.

"I mean it's justifiable the way I see it," said Glidewell.

Ingram's family, shaken up about his death, didn't want to go on camera, and didn't want to believe what happened. But they tell us ingram had been mixed up with drugs and in and out of jail for years. But that all changed when he came to this house.

"You don't break into anybody's house and keep on coming, and he did and he paid the price," said Glidewell.

Police say they're still investigating but still have no plans on making an arrest.

This sign is outside the home of Mark Glidewell, who fatally shot a man who crashed through his home's dining room window on Tuesday night. (Tim Leimkuhler)