Man injured in hit-and-run crash along I-44 near Lebanon, Mo. shares survival story

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A mechanic injured in a hit-and-run crash along the side of I-44 near Lebanon, Mo. in December is sharing his survival story. He's been hospitalized for eight weeks now.

The crash injured Mitch Walker December 19. He says he was just doing his job that night, responding to a semi truck that was broken down.

The driver, Richard Sanders, is charged with second-degree assault and leaving the scene of an accident. Officers arrested him nearly 90 miles away from the scene. Investigators found marijuana in his car. They also say they received reports of his careless driving before the crash.

Walker suffered many broken bones and lost a lot of blood and muscle tissue from the trauma. He remains in the burn unit as doctors work to prevent infection from skin he lost. He says at times the pain is excruciating. But he believe she survived for a reason.

"My God, he kept me through it all," said Walker. "You know, most people don't live through what I lived through. But, I've got a big God and he apparently has big plans for me. And I've got a lot of work to get to where I need to be to get out of here, but when I do that's my first job, it's figuring out what are those big plans."

Walker doesn't know how much longer he'll be hospitalized. And he doesn't plan to go back to working on the side of I-44. Walker says his true work is military ministry, and he has no intentions of giving up his plans in the Fort Leonard Wood area.

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