FLOODING DANGER: Man hospitalized from copperhead bite near Willard, Mo.

WILLARD, Mo. -- A man suffered injuries after a copperhead bit him in a flooded barn in the Willard, Mo. area.

Firefighters responded Thursday to the barn in the flooded Clear Creek area. The first responded then noticed six of the venomous snakes nearby. They say flooding often forces wildlife out of usual places.

Doctors released Tom Snyder from the hospital.

"Like other wildlife when their homes are flooded, they keep going up," said Francis Skalicky. "They keep moving away from the water, and this is what's happened, and because of that people are very likely to find snakes in some places they wouldn't normally see them."

Skalicky says if you do find a snake near your home or somewhere where it can't stay, he recommends trying to catch it, not with your hands, but with some sort of container to relocate it. Conservation agents say since there is no hunting season for snakes in Missouri. It is technically illegal to kill them. But it is allowed if you feel they are threatening you or your property.

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