Man gets scammed after trying to buy a newborn baby

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A Springfield man claims he was scammed by a pregnant woman who agreed to give him her newborn baby.
According to the Springfield Police Department report, the man gave a pregnant woman hundreds of dollars before she had a change of heart and decided to keep the child. According to the police report, this all started in February when a man who has never been able to have a baby met a pregnant woman who didn’t want to keep her baby. He asked if he should get a lawyer to gain custody of the child, and she said no. Records show the expectant mother just told him to be in the delivery room when she gave birth, and sign the certificate. According to the report, he thought that was odd, but agreed to it, and proceeded to give her money on several occasions. Police estimated the amount to be $350.
We spoke with an adoption attorney about the case.
Family Law Attorney Kyle Wyatt said, “You can’t just go and sell a child off the side of the road. Because it’s the state’s interest to make sure the child is safe.”
Wyatt is an attorney who has been practicing family law in Greene County for over a decade. He says stories like this are sad, but not surprising.
“You read about these things, like somebody on Craigslist or some other internet site, wants to sell a baby. You are going to be scammed. And if you’re not being scammed, you’re committing a crime, trying to buy a child,” he explained.
He says all adoptions have to go through the juvenile court system, where the mother signs a consent to the adoption.
“So let’s say they went ahead and did this, she could at any time, come and take that child back because she is the legal custodian, legal guardian of that child,” said Wyatt.
According to the police report, the expectant mother even brought the man to a doctor's appointment, gave him ultrasound pictures, and told the man to pick out a name for the baby girl. However, the police report shows that the baby girl was born last week, and the man found out via text message that the mother had a change of heart.
Police say there won’t be any criminal charges in the case, but the man may file civil charges against the woman. We called both people involved in the case, but neither returned our phone calls.