Man charged with assault after beating a woman with a crowbar in Christian County

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NIXA, Mo A woman is in fair condition tonight after being beaten with a crowbar by her ex-boyfriend on Wednesday night.

That happened in the English Village Mobile Home Park just north of Nixa.

38 year old Josh Rainey is charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action for that beating.

A neighbor, Kevin Burris, said he is friends with both Rainey and the victim.

He says he was with Rainey that night, watching TV, when Rainey left.

Shortly after, he began hearing screams from next door.

"I ran out the door as fast as I could, and into her back door which had been pried open. I heard her say Kevin, Josh is trying to kill me." said Kevin Burris, a neighbor.

Court documents say the woman was hit with the crowbar several times in the head, arms, and hands.

Investigators also accuse Rainey of choking her.and slamming her head against a counter, cracking her skull.

"There was blood all over the carpet, she was laying face down." said Burris. "I was in shock, I didn't know what to do."

Burris began to help stop the bleeding and called 911, and when he turned around Rainey was gone.

He was caught a short time later.

Burris says he never saw this coming from Rainey.

"He had never shown any violent tendencies to me. I never thought that this would happen with Josh." said Burris. "He went to hand me the bar that he had beat her with and said finish her off. Finish her off? Like I was going to take that bar and finish the job for him, that's crazy."

Burris says the image of the aftermath will stay with him.

"I have never seen a woman get beat like that, or anybody get beat like that before." said Burris.

Hospital officials say the woman is in fair condition tonight.

Rainey is being held in the Christian County Jail.

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