Missouri lawmakers eliminate Common Core

OZARK, Mo. Soon Common Core will no longer be used in Missouri.

House Bill 1490 eliminates Common Core and allows “local school districts and charter schools” to adopt their own education standards – in addition to those already adopted by the state. There are some differences between the standards.

Officials we spoke with said the biggest change is the four new sets of curriculum standards k though 12 will use – including in math.

Third graders at West Elementary School in Ozark are learning hands on what perimeter means. But, soon there will be new changes in what kind of math is taught to younger levels.

“We’re now teaching money with the k – 2 instead of starting second grade with money,” said Ozark School Superintendent Dr. Craig Carson.

This after law makers signed House Bill 1490 into law, eliminating common core.

“There is a marked difference between the common core and what we have. It’s probably nuance,” Dr. Craig Carson continued.

Another change is cursive is back in the curriculum.

“I think that’s a good idea. It didn’t hurt us,” stated parent Jennifer Stephens. “If they weren’t bringing it back in schools I know that’s something I would teach my youngest son to do at home.”

That’s a change Dr. Carson said Ozark schools are not concerned with.

“Cursive in Ozark and in most communities has always been here,” Dr. Carson declared.

He said that will give them more time to focus on adapting math curriculum to fit new requirements. After all he said they have got their hands full.

Doctor Carson said Ozark Public Schools as well as other Missouri schools will still be tested with common core standards during the upcoming year. The new Missouri Learning Standards will not take place until Spring 2018.

Dr. Carson said another change is education is now in the hands of Missourians instead of federal lawmakers.