Man arrested on assault charges, girlfriend says she fell out of car during panic attack

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo - Melvin Townes was arrested Monday after police say, Alexis Perkins, 28, fell out or was pushed out of a 2018 silver Ford 150 truck with Kansas plates 807GWH. The charging documents given to KY3 say Townes fled the scene. He was charged with domestic assault, leaving the scene of an accident an endangering the welfare of a child.

Perkins says this is not the case. From a hospital bed, she says she had a panic attack Monday morning. Townes, her boyfriend, came to pick her up.

"I called him to come get us," Perkins said. "I was at the apartments off of Battlefield and West Bypass."

On their drive, their 15-month-old daughter in the back seat needed her pacifier. Perkins climbed into the back seat and then everything went fuzzy.

"Sometimes I black out in my panic attacks," Perkins said. "So I just opened the door and I guess I tried to step out and it didn't work."

When Perkins woke up she was surrounded by strangers. She is in the hospital and dealing with the aftermath.

"This morning I finally got on my phone," Perkins said. "I was on Facebook and I had a bunch of people telling me that he pushed me out, and he did this to my face when nobody had seen me. So it just really upset me because it added more problems for me when it came to my daughter."

We asked Perkins:
"Some people would say that you might be trying to cover for (Townes) for a domestic assault, what would you say to those people?"

She responded ,"Look at my face, this is all from the ground you know."

Townes' family also stands by him.

"Melvin has not ever been a person who violated people or beat people up," Sade Shine, sister, said. "He is known as a very nice young man."

Townes does have a prior history with domestic assault. He is supposed to go to court next week.

"They have had issues in the past but in this situation there was even no accusation of domestic," Shine said.

Moving forward both Perkins and Townes' family want to clear his name.

"We just want to make sure that is clear and people stop attacking him for something that didn't happen," Octavia Townes, mom, said.

Those with the Springfield Police Department say there are many resources in the community if you know someone dealing with domestic abuse. Visit:
You can also reach out to the Victim Center, visit:

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