Loss of paychecks hurts as much as flood property damage

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GALENA, Mo. - Not only did flooding hurt some homeowners’ pocketbooks, but it also made money tight for some workers like those at James Rivers Outfitters.

“When the water is not up, it’s nice; a beautiful place. But it’s not right now; it’s a mess,” said James River Outfitters worker Jamie Chambers.

Chambers knows it is going to take a lot of work to fix James River Outfitters.

“It’ll take a week, probably ten days, of everybody, the full crew working,” Chambers said.

This is based on experience.

“Every year, it seems like,” said Chambers.

This flood means he has been out of work for about two weeks.

“It’s kinda hard some times; no money,” Chambers said.

He hopes the waters will soon evaporate, so they can open for Mother’s Day.

“It’s hurt us bad, not getting paid and we’re not working. There’s the floaters that want to go and the cost of the cleanup. There’s no telling the electric boxes that were shut down,” Chambers said.

Workers estimate the bathhouse at James River Outfitters has three or four feet of mud that they will have to remove.