Local shop weighs in on new inspection law

SPRINGFIELD,Mo. (KY3) Gov. Parson put pen to paper on a bill regulating when drivers need to get their car inspected Wednesday.

Right now, vehicles five years or older are required to be inspected every other year. Next month, that number extends to ten years or 150,000 miles on the odometer.

Workers at Rick's Automotive said the new regulation worries them.

"We see people that move into the area with a lot lower miles than 150,000 miles and some pretty [big] safety issues are staring them right in the face and they're unaware of it," said worker Eric Chronister.

One driver says he could see how the change would make sense.

"Because cars generally are being made more fuel efficient and the emissions are better, so it might be justified," said driver James Hackney.

However, Chronister said cars can still have problems, whether they're new or not.

"The bad side of that is that cars still break," he said. " You know they're built better than they used to, but there is still issues."

Chronister still recommends getting things like your breaks and steering checked every once and a while.

"Ask your service facility to check those safety items," he said. "Just because the state doesn't require it as often anymore, it's still very imperative to have it checked, even if you're just going basic oil changes."

Hackney said he isn't sure if he will take the advice.

"I may or may not do that, depending upon what the data shows about how cars are holding up," he said.

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