Local groups talk impact of climate change on local food

A group is sending out a warning, and urging lawmakers to take action to slow climate change.

The United States Department of Agriculture says Missouri is tied for 7th in the nation in terms of overall food insecurity. On Friday, members of the Moms For Clean Air Force and Empower Missouri gathered in downtown Springfield to talk about how climate change disrupts the production and distribution of food.

Members say climate change has an impact on food insecurity in the U.S. It increases local prices and decreases the quality of produce. For instance the majority of food people receive in Missouri comes from California. Due to drought issues the prices of produce has increased by 5-percent in the last two years.

Alexander Wait professor of biology at Missouri State University says warmer weather and increased CO2 is not good for some crops like corn.

“A movement to less fossil fuels, which is going to happen it’s just a matter of when it’s going to happen,” said Alexander Wait professor of biology at Missouri State University. “It’s not about just closing down the coal power plants and see what happens, but we have to be smart about our policies.”

A local group from Moms Clean Air will be in D.C. in July to voice their concerns.