Local driver and delivery service aims to take care of rural areas during COVID-19 pandemic

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- A driver and delivery service is going the extra mile to make sure folks in rural Missouri are taken care of during this pandemic.

Just two weeks ago, Theresa Clinton's driver and delivery service, The Uber Lady, was still functioning fairly normal.

People were getting rides to work, to doctor's appointments, home and all over.

Now, so many people are at home and business has changed.

"Just this week, it's people trying to get what they need and they don't want to leave their house. Probably 75 percent of things are deliveries right now," Clinton said.

24/7 business has suddenly switched to spikes during lunch and dinner.

"I've gone days, since this started, where I would maybe have 10 runs in the entire day," Clinton told KY3.

Most of the new customers, the elderly, are the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

"We are going out and picking up prescriptions for people that need it that want to stay home, she added. Some people send us an actual shopping list and we go shopping for them."

Natasha Becker lives six miles out of town and wants to stay home as much as possible, to protect her family.

"Her service right now is the most important that it's ever been and I've been using her for over a year and a half now," Becker exclaimed.

Customers know, they are helping one small business, help others.

"A lot more of West Plains is open than most people realize and Uber lady can kind of be the connector between people who need services and goods," Greg Whitsell said.

Clinton hopes that once this pandemic ends, these new delivery standards stick around.

"Crossing my fingers, maybe after all of this is over, business is just going to explode in the delivery department. Which would be great because then I'm going to need more drivers," Clinton explained.

You can call The Uber Lady 24/7 at 417-293-4202 or at 417-204-1266.

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