Local company creates free family fun live streams for kids

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -- Most people are inside due to the stay-at-home order, which could mean long days trying to entertain the kids.

Princess of the 417 owner, Kayla Buecker, created free virtual lessons to entertain and help kids, during the COVID- 19 pandemic. The goal is to save all the smiles that keep Princess of the 417 around.

"They're important to us, so we're just trying to tell a story to them that will distract them away from everything that's going on in the world, and make them smile," explained Buecker.

She said their work relies heavily on public appearances. However, the occasions they appear at mean so much more for the kids. Many events and birthday parties across the Ozarks were canceled or rescheduled. Buecker said due to the pandemic, many kids' birthdays and happy moments were left with broken smiles.

"They can't go to the store to buy balloons or cake, so what are they going to do?" said Buecker.

That's why Buecker said the live streams are so crucial for the children in the Ozarks. She said that the free daily live streams include anything from crafts, storytime, and sing-alongs, to lessons on cooking and dancing. Princess of the 417 also hosted royal lessons on hygiene with the Ice Queen.

Emma Elliott, who portrays Princess Beauty, said they wanted the kids watching to know everything will be okay. She said, "It might be scary, and we aren't sure what's going on. We're going to be okay if we show each other love and compassion."

Brianna Hobbs, who portrays the Ice Queen, said although the Princess of The 417 are in their castle and not in person, the energy prevails with the message of hope.

"You can tell that even though all you see is yourself on the screen, you can feel the presence at home and all the love that's going out," explained Dobbs.

You can join the Princess of the 417 free live stream adventures here.

For crafts, activities, and lessons, Princess of the 417 will post ingredients, recipes, and tools you'll need before the live stream.

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