Local church warns of possible roadside scam

A group of people have been spotted at Springfield intersections calling themselves "New Life Church" and asking people for donations.

But New Life Church in Springfield says they're not the local congregation.

New Life Church members here think the solicitors could part of a scam spreading across the country. They start by using a popular church name, collecting money for a few hours, then moving on.

They were seen in Bolivar earlier this week.

New Life in Springfield was tipped off by calls complaining that the solicitors were rude and demanding money.

"So they have on bright colored vest. They're carrying buckets that say New Life Church," Ryan Goeden, lead pastor at New Life Church told KY3. "And usually it says something about what they're trying to raise money for. And so usually it's something like 'we're raising money for kids' or 'people with addiction'"

The money the street side group collects might never make it to those in need.

Springfield New Life leaders say you will never see them doing a fundraiser on the side of the road like that.

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