The Ozark Police Department puts a smile on a birthday girl's face

OZARK, Mo. -- It's the season of giving. And one little girl is experiencing that. However, it unfortunately came with a price, her birthday money.

From Ozark, Arkansas the West Family were heading to a family reunion in Arcadia, Missouri. The stopped at a McDonald's in Ozark, Mo.

"She just had tears streaming down her face and she was just holding her wallet out and I said what happened, and she said it's gone," explained mom, Stacia West. "I said, that lady took your money? And she said yes. All of it."

The family quickly reported it to the Ozark Police Department and reviewed surveillance footage. Police arrested Alicia Kimberly, 38.

Moved by the incident, McDonald's, Ozark Police Department, and the community wanted Ayva and her family to know that one person does not reflect the city.

The Ozark Police Department gifted Ayva all $53 of her birthday money back, plus a little more.

McDonald's says it is hoping to connect with Ayva and her family to invite them back so they can also repay her for what was taken while visiting.

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